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Choosing and Caring for a Flower Bouquet in a Hot and Humid City

Choosing and Caring for a Flower Bouquet in a Hot and Humid City

Hong Kong's hot and humid climate can pose challenges when it comes to selecting and maintaining a beautiful flower bouquet. The high temperatures and humidity levels can cause flowers to wilt quickly if not handled and cared for properly. This Floristics Co. guide aims to provide you with essential tips to keep your flower bouquet fresh and vibrant, even in a hot and humid city like Hong Kong.

1. Choose resilient flowers:

Opt for flowers that can withstand heat and humidity. Some excellent choices for Hong Kong's climate include orchids, birds of paradise, sunflowers, and tropical blooms like heliconias or ginger flowers. These varieties are naturally more resistant to high temperatures and remain fresher for longer.

2. Purchase flowers from a reputable florist:

To ensure the highest quality and freshness, buy your flowers from a reliable and reputable florist. They will be knowledgeable about which flowers are suitable for Hong Kong's climate and can help you make the right choices.

3. Timing is important:

Plan your flower bouquet purchase wisely to minimize heat exposure. Avoid buying flowers during the hottest hours of the day, as the temperature inside a car can soar, causing the flowers to wilt rapidly. Ideally, purchase your bouquet early in the morning or in the evening when the temperatures are lower.

4. Carry a portable cooler bag:

When transporting your flower bouquet, keep it in a portable cooler bag with ice packs or cool gel packs. This will help maintain a lower temperature and prevent your flowers from overheating during transit. Avoid leaving the bouquet in a hot car for an extended period.

5. Use water tubes or wet tissue:

To keep flowers hydrated during transportation, use water tubes or wrap the stems with a wet tissue. This technique ensures that your flowers have access to water, even if you are out for an extended period. Be cautious not to wet the petals or blooms excessively, as it can lead to petal browning or premature decay.

6. Minimize handling and exposure:

Keep your bouquet out of direct sunlight, strong winds, and excessive heat. Once you receive your flowers, place them in a cool and shaded spot, away from windows, heating sources, or drafts. Limit unnecessary handling, as excessive touching can damage delicate petals and shorten their lifespan.

7. Cut stems and change water regularly:

Upon arriving home, trim the stems at an angle before placing them in a clean vase filled with fresh, lukewarm water. Change the water daily, keeping it at a moderate temperature, and recut the stems every two days to ensure optimal water absorption. Avoid using metal vases, as they can heat up and damage the flowers.

8. Optimal indoor conditions:

Maintain a cooler and less humid indoor environment by using air conditioning or fans if required. Avoid placing the flower bouquet near these cooling devices directly, as the rapid temperature changes can shock the flowers. Proper ventilation is crucial to prevent excess humidity, which can cause flowers to wilt faster.

9. Mist flowers gently:

In hot and humid conditions, consider misting your flowers with water using a fine sprayer. Mist the foliage and not the flowers directly, as some blooms are sensitive to moisture on their petals. This practice helps increase humidity around the flowers, keeping them fresh and vibrant for a longer duration.


Hot and humid climates like Hong Kong can challenge the longevity of flower bouquets. By choosing resilient flowers, proper transportation, and following essential care tips such as maintaining moderate temperatures, hydration, and minimizing exposure, you can enjoy a beautiful and long-lasting bouquet that brightens up your space in this sub-tropical city.



香港炎熱潮濕的氣候為選擇和維護美麗的花束帶來了挑戰。 如果處理和護理不當,高溫和潮濕會導致花朵很快枯萎。 這本 Floristics Co. 指南旨在為您提供基本技巧,讓您的花束即使在香港這樣炎熱潮濕的城市也能保持新鮮和活力。


選擇能夠承受熱量和濕度的花卉。 適合香港氣候的一些絕佳選擇包括蘭花、天堂鳥、向日葵以及赫蕉或薑花等熱帶花卉。 這些品種天然更耐高溫,並且保鮮時間更長。

2. 從信譽好的花店購買鮮花:

為了確保最高的品質和新鮮度,請從可靠且信譽良好的花店購買鮮花。 他們會了解哪些花卉適合香港的氣候,並可以幫助您做出正確的選擇。

3. 時機很重要:

明智地計劃購買花束,以盡量減少受熱。 避免在一天中最熱的時候購買鮮花,因為車內溫度會飆升,導致鮮花迅速枯萎。 理想情況下,在清晨或晚上氣溫較低時購買花束。


運送花束時,請將其放入裝有冰袋或冷凝膠袋的便攜式冷藏袋中。 這將有助於保持較低的溫度並防止鮮花在運輸過程中過熱。 避免將花束長時間放置在炎熱的車內。

5. 使用水管或濕紙巾:

為了在運輸過程中保持花朵水分,請使用水管或用濕紙巾包裹莖。 即使您長時間外出,這種技巧也能確保您的花朵能夠獲得水。 小心不要過度潤濕花瓣或花朵,因為它可能導致花瓣褐變或過早腐爛。

6. 盡量減少處理和暴露:

讓你的花束遠離陽光直射、強風和過熱的地方。 收到鮮花後,請將它們放在陰涼、陰涼的地方,遠離窗戶、熱源或氣流。 限制不必要的處理,因為過度觸摸會損壞嬌嫩的花瓣並縮短其壽命。


回到家後,將莖修剪成一定角度,然後將其放入裝有新鮮溫水的乾淨花瓶中。 每天換水,保持適度的溫度,每兩天重新修剪莖,以確保最佳的吸水率。 避免使用金屬花瓶,因為它們會升溫並損壞花朵。


如果需要,可以使用空調或風扇,保持涼爽且不太潮濕的室內環境。 避免將花束直接放置在這些冷卻裝置附近,因為快速的溫度變化可能會震動花朵。 適當的通風對於防止濕度過高至關重要,濕度過高會導致花朵更快枯萎。

9. 輕輕噴灑花朵:

在炎熱和潮濕的條件下,考慮使用細噴霧器向花朵噴水。 直接噴灑葉子而不是花朵,因為有些花朵對花瓣上的水分敏感。 這種做法有助於增加花朵周圍的濕度,使它們更長時間地保持新鮮和活力。

像香港這樣炎熱潮濕的氣候可能會影響花束的壽命。 透過選擇有彈性的鮮花、適當的運輸以及遵循必要的護理技巧(例如保持適度的溫度、保濕和盡量減少暴露),您可以享受一束美麗且持久的花束,照亮您在這個亞熱帶城市的空間。

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