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Gifting flower for Chinese New Year

Gifting flower for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is a time of celebration and renewal. It is one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture, and gifting flowers is a common tradition during this festive season. Flowers symbolize good luck, prosperity, and happiness, making them the perfect gift to convey your well wishes to family, friends, and colleagues. In this Floristics Co. guide, we will explore the significance of different flowers and provide tips on how to choose the perfect floral gift for Chinese New Year.

1. Symbolic Flowers for Chinese New Year

Each flower holds a special meaning in Chinese culture. Here are some popular choices for Chinese New Year:

  • Peonies: Known as the "king of flowers," peonies symbolize wealth, honor, and prosperity.
  • Orchids: Orchids represent elegance, beauty, and fertility. They are often given to wish someone good fortune and success.
  • Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums symbolize longevity and are believed to bring a long and healthy life.
  • Peach Blossoms: Peach blossoms are associated with romance and love. They are often given to singles in hopes of finding a partner.
  • Lucky Bamboo: While not a flower, lucky bamboo is a popular gift during Chinese New Year. It represents good luck, fortune, and prosperity.

2. Color Symbolism

Colors also play an important role in Chinese culture. When choosing flowers for Chinese New Year, consider the following color symbolism:

  • Red: Red is the most auspicious color and symbolizes good luck and happiness. It is the preferred color for Chinese New Year flowers.
  • Yellow: Yellow represents wealth and prosperity. It is often associated with the Emperor and the imperial family.
  • Pink: Pink symbolizes romance, love, and friendship. It is a popular color for gifting flowers to friends and family.
  • White: White is associated with mourning and funerals in Chinese culture. It is best to avoid white flowers during Chinese New Year.

3. Flower Arrangements and Presentation

When gifting flowers for Chinese New Year, it is important to consider the presentation. Here are some tips:

  • Even Numbers: In Chinese culture, even numbers are considered lucky. It is customary to give flowers in pairs or even numbers.
  • Avoid Sharp Objects: Avoid including sharp objects like scissors or knives in the flower arrangement, as they are believed to bring bad luck.
  • Include Lucky Elements: Consider adding lucky elements like red envelopes (hongbao) or gold coins to the flower arrangement for extra blessings.
  • Choose Fresh Flowers: Select fresh, vibrant flowers to ensure a beautiful and long-lasting gift.

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