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Guide to Drying and Preserving Flowers from Your Bouquet

Guide to Drying and Preserving Flowers from Your Bouquet

Drying and preserving flowers from your bouquet is a wonderful way to extend their beauty and enjoy them for a longer period of time. Whether it's a special arrangement from a loved one or flowers from your garden, here's a step-by-step Floristics Co. guide to help you dry and preserve your flowers:

1. Choose the Right Flowers:

Certain flowers are better suited for drying and preserving than others. Look for flowers with sturdy petals and minimal moisture content. Some popular flowers that dry well include roses, lavender, dahlias, and statice.

2. Harvest at the Right Time:

Cut flowers for drying when they are in their peak bloom. Avoid fully opened flowers as they may lose their petals during the drying process. Ideally, pick flowers in the morning when the moisture content is lower.

3. Remove Excess Foliage:

Remove any excess leaves or foliage from the stems, as they can contribute to moisture retention and may attract mold during the drying process.

4. Hanging Method:

Divide the flowers into small bouquets and tie them together with rubber bands or twine. Hang them upside-down in a well-ventilated, warm, and dry place away from direct sunlight. Attics, sheds, or closets are ideal locations. Ensure there is enough space between the bouquets to allow air circulation.

5. Air-Drying Method:

Another option is to air-dry the flowers by laying them flat on a clean, dry surface such as a mesh or screen. Place them in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. Turn the flowers every few days to ensure even drying. This method works well for flat flowers like pansies or daisies.

6. Patience and Observation:

Drying flowers can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the flower variety and environmental conditions. Be patient and observe the flowers regularly to ensure they are drying properly. Avoid touching or disturbing them during the drying process.

7. Preservation Techniques:

Once the flowers are fully dried, you can further preserve them using various methods:

Silica Gel: Place the flowers in a container filled with silica gel, ensuring that the flowers are completely covered. Seal the container and leave it undisturbed for several days. The silica gel will absorb moisture from the flowers, preserving their shape and color.

Pressing: Press the dried flowers between heavy books or in a flower press to flatten them. This method is ideal for creating pressed flower art or bookmarks.

Resin: Embed the dried flowers in resin to create beautiful and long-lasting jewelry or keepsakes. Follow the instructions provided with the resin for the best results.

8. Display and Enjoy:

Once the flowers are dried and preserved, you can display them in various ways. Create dried flower arrangements in vases, frame pressed flowers for wall décor, or incorporate them into crafts and DIY projects. Ensure they are kept away from direct sunlight and excessive humidity to maintain their longevity.



乾燥和保存花束中的花朵是延長花朵美麗並延長欣賞時間的絕佳方法。 無論是親人的特別佈置還是花園裡的鮮花,這裡都有一個逐步指南可以幫助您乾燥和保存鮮花:


某些花比其他花更適合乾燥和保存。 尋找花瓣堅固、水分含量最低的花朵。 一些流行的、乾燥良好的花卉包括玫瑰、薰衣草、大麗花和靜香。


當花盛開時,將花剪下來晾乾。 避免完全開放的花朵,因為它們可能會在乾燥過程中失去花瓣。 理想情況下,在水分含量較低的早晨採花。




將鮮花分成小花束,然後用橡皮筋或麻線將它們綁在一起。 將它們倒掛在通風良好、溫暖、乾燥、避免陽光直射的地方。 閣樓、棚屋或壁櫥是理想的地點。 確保花束之間有足夠的空間,以便空氣流通。


另一種選擇是將花朵平放在乾淨、乾燥的表面(例如網或篩子)上風乾花朵。 將它們放置在通風良好、遠離陽光直射的地方。 每隔幾天翻轉一下花,以確保均勻乾燥。 這種方法適用於三色堇或雛菊等扁平花卉。

6. 耐心與觀察:

乾燥鮮花可能需要幾天到幾週的時間,具體取決於花朵品種和環境條件。 要有耐心並定期觀察花朵,以確保它們正確乾燥。 在乾燥過程中避免觸摸或打擾它們。



矽膠:將鮮花放入裝有矽膠的容器中,確保完全覆蓋鮮花。 密封容器並靜置幾天。 矽膠會吸收花朵中的水分,保持花朵的形狀和顏色。

壓制:將乾燥花壓在厚書之間或壓花機中壓平。 此方法非常適合製作壓花藝術或書籤。

樹脂:將乾燥花嵌入樹脂中,製作出美麗且持久的珠寶或紀念品。 請遵循樹脂隨附的說明以獲得最佳效果。


花朵乾燥並保存後,您可以以多種方式展示它們。 在花瓶中製作乾燥花插花,將壓花裝框用於牆壁裝飾,或將它們融入工藝品和 DIY 項目中。 確保它們遠離陽光直射和過度潮濕,以保持其壽命。

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